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Thai Yoga Massage

Traditional full body massage in Saint-Tropez Bay

Nathan White massage therapist Metta In Motion

Meet Nate


 I am a Thai Yoga Massage practitioner and dedicated  to Vipassana meditation.

I am living in South of France, in Saint-Tropez Bay.

For the last seven years I have enjoyed practicing and learning this ancient healing art with my teachers from all around the world.

I am happy to share it with you.

Massage benefits

Thai Yoga Massage is a therapeutic massage that will restore the balance of the body by palming and thumbing along energy lines, pressing on acupressure points and gentle yoga stretches.

It will create rejuvenation and a deep state of relaxation.

Blood circulation


Digestion Disorders

Stress & Tension

Sleep Disorders

Lower back pain

blooming meditation lotus flower

Introductory to Vipassana

A class to start your daily meditation

What Patients Say

“This was my first Thai massage experience, Nate is an amazing masseur, he takes time to understand your needs, works slowly and carefully. Thank you ”

Charles Beck

Saint-tropez village by nathan white

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